DREAMS - An Open Letter

Its after long that I am writing something. A piece of my heart, a piece of my small life, for myself and for every single person who will read this. But today as always its not a poem or a story, these are just my liberal thoughts, my liberal words. My words are not specific to any religion, society or custom. Today these words are about the dreams that we see through our eyes, its about the passion we have to pursue those dreams. These are not the dreams we see during our sleep in night and forget as the dark departs in morning, these are not the dreams that changes every night. These are the dreams that won't let you sleep, that won't let you see any other dream, they changes your life.These dreams don't let you breathe in horror. They are the beautiful pathway, who gives you purpose in life. But my purpose here is not to explain those dreams, but is to fullfil those dreams at any cost. These dreams put you to labour in daylight and makes you sleepless in night. Don't sacrifice these dreams for daytime rest or a night of peace.
Because after these few acclaimed peaceful days and nights, all days and nights feel like a dark scary shadow which even won't let you breathe. Please friends don't sacrifice these precious dreams for someone unknown or be it for  someone you call your own, because none my friends will be able to compensate for the loss. You will be perfect for every person and  relationship but only till the day you will live as per their will. The moment you will start living like your own, you will become wrong. So when you are bound to get wrong, why not to be it for the sake of your dreams. Don't wait for tomorrow because tomorrow you might not have a dream again or you might not be left with enough passion to pursue your dream. You won't be the same you tomorrow. In last I just want to say that i might not get relief by this outburst of thoughts but if my thoughts are able to save even one single dream of someone, I will feel alive. It might save another someone to become the one I am scared of becoming. I request you all please don't compromise on your dreams at any cost because this world won't take a moment before changing blessings to curse.
While writing this, I recall few lines from eminent poet "Pash" and would like to share the same with you all -

Sapne har kisi ko nahi aate
                                                 Sapno ke liye lazmi hai ,
                                                 Jhelnevale dilon ka hona
                                                 Neend ki nazar honi lazmi hai
                                                 Isliye sapne har kisi ko nahi aate

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